April 30, 2014

reading scarecrone

idk why i'm not doing this on tumblr but this feels more comfortable
i'm v high rn
just read the first 6 pages of scarecrone in the bathtub and decided to get up and 'blog' abt it

have ingested: oatmeal, two cups of coffee w almond milk, small piece of weed candy, a lot of gravs

can't stop thinking abt gab hoffman's eyebrows
really want ice cream from this place in homewood that my friend bailey took me too when i was really high and sad but happy to see her
want melissa broder to be my mom and daughter and sister and best friend
want melissa broder's hair to be made into a cute blanket w fur on the inside so i can sleep under it while i watch reality tv and try to decide which girl on the show is the prettiest, which girl i'd want to be best friends with, and which girl i'd want to be

favorite title: How to Give Head to a Sick Person

will someone order me one of these and send one to melissa broder and order one for yourself

from scarcrone: I call it sex/because I don't know/how else to say/terrified of dying.

biggest sexual fantasy: being 16 w melissa broder and dressing slutty for halloween at a big party w a lot of drugs, nothing particularly sexual actually happens

want to watch a documentary abt feeders with melissa broder, amy mcdaniel, sarah jean alexander, and mira

should i be linking these ppl, idk

want to do yoga at a rave w melissa broder
abt to start saying mb bc sick of typing her name like that

felt v emotional while reading poem Power Nothing bc of past conversations abt addiction or recreational drug use/alcohol/sex/w/e w mb

smiling after reading poem Tour

:) from scarecrone: Every woman is the same woman/Azazel's mother is his wife/Who am I?

just stared at the upside down cross tattooed on my finger wondering how it is still there really

poem Dirt Nap made me feel warm inside like dough but skinny

smiling bc : I am a lone wolf/I am a lonely wolf/I make people up/and I eat them

rly loved The Saint Francis Prayer Is a Tall Order

If I am not allowed candy I use my body/If I am not allowed my body I use the internet

thought abt tweeting, 'in the mood to dry hump'

I was never taught to latch/I was born/latching

new favorite title: Knowledge Is Power No It's Not

want to have a threesome w melissa broder and foucault where no one has sex and we're all on a juice cleanse at the beach for three weeks

want to watch empire records naked surrounded by crystals eating ice cream while clutching my copy of scarecrone

rly loved the poem Letter From a Crone

poem Mythic is amazing and I want to type it all here but I don't think I'm supposed to do that

damn shoutout to William James

omg have to put this: I gave them eggs of pantyhose/And a melting cathedral/I gave them black snakeskins/And menstrual sponges/I gave them sainted men/With semisoft dicks/Making it hard/To feel totally fucked

want to read the poem Hope This Helps over and over and over and over and over until I pass out and wake up a hot meditating teen on her spring break

want to google image search 'hot girls throwing up in the desert' and get the perfect image to show for how i feel while reading this

laughing bc: Men lay out the wine and incense/for my memorial service./I wanted there to be no wine/but I am dead.

here is me wearing a shirt with pictures of meat on it while holding my mouth open bc i'm obsessing over my teeth this summer

May 16, 2012

I really like these three poems by Mike Young

the language twists like the best rap songs but better

here's his blog if you haven't read more of his stuff: http://mikeayoung.blogspot.com/
buy his book of poetry

things I want in the room with me right now:
Mike Kitchell
Dr. Pepper

April 27, 2012

give me head until I'm dead

my dad met Project Pat before I did